Our Factory -1

Address: No.(18) U Aung Zaya Road, East Dagon Industrial Zone, East Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone : +95(09)252546020, +95(09)252546025

Our Factory -2 (Mandalay Factory)

Address: Mandalay International Airport Road, Near Kyae Ni Kan Village, Infront of Metecrological Radar Station, Mandalay, Myanmar.
Phone: +95(09)252546024, +95(09)252546033

Our Products

As we produce our products from our own industry, we can assure the quality of the products delivered.
The output from our factory is as follows:
- Reinforcement Concrete Precast square piles-

150mm x 150mm x 6m
200mm x 200mm x 6m
250mm x 250mm x 6/12m
300mm x 300mm x 12m
350mm x 350mm x 12m
400mm x 400mm x 12m